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Extra Super P Force is impotence treating medicine that contains sildenafil 100 and dapoxetine 60 a great combination that is very effective for treating ED in men among the age group of 18 to 64 years. It helps the patient in experiencing healthy erection and more control over the length of intercourse. Tablet is manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd which is well known for making generic medicines.


Extra Super P Force: A Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Understanding the Mechanism:

Extra Super P Force acts by interfering with the production of the hormone PDE5, facilitating the relaxation of blood vessels around the penis. This relaxation allows increased blood flow during sexual arousal, enabling men to attain and sustain a firm erection.

The Role of Extra Super P Force in Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction arises when the cGMP enzyme is replaced by PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type-5). PDE5 restricts blood flow, causing erection problems. Super P Force inhibits PDE5, enhancing blood flow to the penile region, which is crucial for achieving and maintaining an erection. Additionally, it releases cGMP, which is vital for the erection process.

Applicability of Extra Super P Force:

Designed for men of all age groups, Super P Force is recommended for those grappling with erectile dysfunction.

Exclusions from Usage:

Not intended for women and children, Super P Force poses health risks if consumed by these groups.

Key Attributes Making Extra Super P Force Popular:

  • Quick onset of action (within 15 minutes)
  • Scientifically proven efficacy for approximately 80% of men with sexual difficulties
  • First FDA-approved treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Proven success through global clinical trials
  • Up to four hours of effectiveness per dose, with some experiencing multiple erections

Consumption Guidelines:

  • Take Super P Force with water, avoiding other solvents.
  • Consume 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity.
  • A single pill per day is the recommended dosage.
  • Empty stomach consumption is preferable for faster action.

Administration Timing:

Best results are achieved when Super P Force is taken approximately one hour before sexual activity, requiring sexual stimulation for an erection. Do not exceed one dose every 24 hours. Avoid concurrent intake with other medications for erectile dysfunction and high-fat meals, as they may reduce effectiveness. It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Potential Side Effects:

Typical side effects are minor and may include

  • headache
  • stomach upset
  • vision problems
  • dizziness
  • light sensitivity
  • flushed skin
  • rashes
  • Rare but serious side effects include
  • hearing problems
  • temporary blindness
  • persistent erections
  • Seek medical attention if such effects occur

Precautions for Extra Super P Force Usage:

  • Prior medical consultation is crucial to discuss your medical history.
  • Inform your doctor of conditions like high blood pressure, kidney/liver damage, sickle cell anemia, cancer, bleeding disorders, myeloma, or anatomical deformities of the penis.
  • Provide comprehensive medical information if obtaining Super P Force through Med2Kart.
  • If you need more clarity about safety, consult your doctor before usage.


Avoid Super P Force using nitric oxide donor medications, including nitroglycerin, isosorbide, dinitrate, or nitroprusside. Inform your doctor about all prescription and non-prescription medications, especially if taking quinidine, cimetidine, antifungals, niacin, erythromycin, high blood pressure medications, or HIV treatment medications.


Seek professional advice to explore suitable erectile dysfunction treatment options before commencing Super P Force usage.


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