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Having trouble in your married life because your partner cannot perform well in bed? Have you ever noticed what could be the issue? The problem can be that your partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction, an issue in which men find difficulty in keeping and getting hard and longer erection. But don’t worry we have a solution to this problem. Buy Vitara 10 mg to get rid of this ED and enjoy a happy and pleasurable life.

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Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil):


Vilitra 10 Mg, containing Vardenafil as its active ingredient, is a prescription medication used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. Manufactured by Centurion Lab, India, this medication is available exclusively at leading drugstores, online pharmacies, and medical supply stores with a doctor’s prescription.

Generic Name and Equivalent USA Brand:

Vardenafil is the generic name for Vilitra, and its equivalent USA brand is Vardenafil.

About Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil):

Vilitra 10 Mg is specifically formulated to address erectile dysfunction in men. As a prescription-only drug, it should only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription from reputable drugstores, online pharmacies, or medical supply stores. Centurion Lab, India, is a leading pharmaceutical company responsible for its manufacturing.

Strength and Dosage Form:

Each tablet of Vilitra contains 10 mg of the active moiety, Vardenafil. The medication is available in various strengths and substitutes, offered in tablet form at leading online pharmacies, medical supply stores, and drugstores.

Uses of Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil):

Vilitra is primarily employed for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunctioning in men.

How Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil) Works:

Vardenafil, an active PDE-5 inhibitor, is the key component of Vilitra 10 Mg. It works by enhancing blood flow to the penis, relaxing the muscles in penile blood vessels, and effectively treating Erectile Dysfunctioning.

Before Use:

Before using Vilitra, individuals must ensure they are not allergic to Vardenafil, refrain from alcohol consumption, and provide comprehensive information about their medical history to their doctor, including pre-existing diseases, food habits, herbal supplements, and medications.

Avoidance Recommendations:

While taking Vilitra 10 Mg, it is advised to avoid alcohol, smoking, high-fat or junk food, and strictly refrain from taking medicines without prescriptions.

When Not To Use Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil):

Vilitra should not be taken if there is a history of allergy or hypersensitivity to it if nitrates have been recently taken, in cases of recent stroke, heart attack, serious liver disease, very low blood pressure, kidney or liver dysfunctioning, or if the patient is a child, adolescent, or female. Consultation with a doctor is crucial for appropriate treatment.

Consult Your Doctor If You:

Have an allergy to it.

  • Experience heart problems or hypotension.
  • Encounter prolonged erection after sexual intercourse.
  • Have kidney or liver disease.
  • Undergo surgery or medical procedures.

Are you undergoing other diseases, drugs, or therapies that may affect your condition?

Dosage of Vardenafil:

Vilitra 10 Mg, containing Vardenafil, is used for Erectile Dysfunctioning and is available in various substitutes. The duration, frequency, and dosage of the tablet should be discussed with a doctor as individual intensities of the disease vary. It is generally advised to take one tablet 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual intercourse, and its use is not recommended for children, adolescents, or females.

How To Take Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil):

Vilitra 10 Mg should be taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse, as directed by the doctor. The tablet should be swallowed whole with water or milk without chewing or crushing.

Duration of Use:

Patients are advised to take Vilitra 10 Mg only as prescribed by the doctor and not continuously for an extended period.

Overdose and Missed Dose:

In case of overdose symptoms like a prolonged erection, hot flushing, loss of hearing, or dizziness, immediate medical attention is necessary. Patients should take one tablet daily and not double the dosage if a dose is missed.

Side Effects:

Common side effects of Vilitra 10 Mg may include

  • headache
  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • flushing
  • persistent cough
  • decrease/loss of vision
  • change in color vision
  • decrease/loss of hearing
  • prolonged and painful erection
  • dizziness
  • allergic skin reactions
  • difficulty in breathing
  • swelling of face
  • lips
  • eyelids
  • tongue
  • hands
  • feet

Persistent side effects warrant consultation with a healthcare professional.


Vilitra may interact with other medicines and medical conditions. Consultation with a doctor is essential before combining it with other medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements.


Store Vilitra 10 Mg at room temperature in a dark, clean, and dry place. Ensure the integrity of the tablets before purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Duration of Tadalafil Super Active: The effects typically last three to four hours.
  • Prescription Requirement: Vilitra requires a prescription due to its Vardenafil content and associated risks.
  • Usage without ED: Vardenafil should be taken explicitly for Impotence and is not recommended for individuals without ED.

In conclusion, Vilitra, with Vardenafil as its active ingredient, offers an effective solution for Erectile Dysfunctioning when used by prescribed dosages and precautions under the guidance of a healthcare professional.


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