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Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual function problem that is treated by using Tadalista 20 mg which in combination with other ingredients increases the blood flow to the penis makes it hard and maintains a long erection. Tadalista 20mg Tablets can also be used in the treatment of enlarged prostate i.e. benign prostatic hyperplasia. The symptoms of this problem include difficulty while urinating, a weak stream, and frequent and urgent urination. Consult a doctor if these symptoms stay for a long time.

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Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil):

Generic Name for Tadalista 20 mg:

Tadalafil stands as the generic equivalent of Tadalista.

Equivalent USA Brand for Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil):

In the United States market, Tadalafil mirrors the composition of Tadalista 20 Mg.

About Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil):

Tadalista 20 Mg, encompassing the active ingredient Tadalafil, is prescribed for treating Erectile Dysfunction in men. It is a prescription-based drug available at reputable drugstores, leading online pharmacies, and medical supply stores.


Fortune Healthcare, a prominent pharmaceutical company based in India, takes pride in manufacturing Tadalista, ensuring quality and efficacy.


Each tablet of Tadalista 20 Mg contains an active moiety of Tadalafil at a strength of 20 mg. It is available in various strengths and substitutes at leading online pharmacies, drugstores, and medical supply stores.

Dosage Form:

Tadalista 20 Mg is formulated in tablet form for ease of administration.

Uses of Tadalista(Tadalafil):

Tadalista 20 Mg is employed in the treatment of:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

How Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil) Works:

Tadalafil, a potent PDE-5 inhibitor in Tadalista 20 Mg, enhances blood flow to the penis by relaxing penile blood vessel muscles, effectively treating Erectile Dysfunction. Additionally, it addresses pulmonary hypertension by inducing relaxation in lung blood vessels, facilitating smoother blood flow.

Before You Use Tadalista(Tadalafil):

Ensure that:

  • You are not allergic to Tadalafil.
  • Alcohol consumption is avoided.
  • Your doctor is informed of your medical history, including pre-existing diseases, surgeries, food habits, herbal supplements, medications, and vitamins.

What Should You Avoid While Taking Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil):

To optimize the efficacy of Tadalista 20 Mg, avoid alcohol consumption, smoking, and high-fat diets. Strictly refrain from taking medicines without proper prescriptions.

When to Avoid Tadalista(Tadalafil):

Avoid Tadalista if you:

  • Have you experienced any allergy/hypersensitivity to it
  • Recently took nitrates (for angina or chest pain) and riociguat
  • Recently suffered a heart attack, stroke, serious liver disease, or very low blood pressure (<90/50 mmHg)
  • Experience Kidney/Liver Dysfunction
  • Are Children, Adolescents, or Females
  • Consult your doctor for appropriate and effective treatment.

Tell Your Doctor If You:

  • Have an allergy to it
  • Have heart problems/hypotension
  • Experience an erection lasting more than two hours after sexual intercourse
  • Have any Kidney/Liver Disease
  • Have you undergone any surgery or procedure
  • Are you undergoing other diseases, drugs, or therapies that may affect your condition


Tadalista, containing Tadalafil, is available in various strengths and substitutes, necessitating prescription-only use. Always discuss the appropriate duration, frequency, and dosage with your doctor.

Patients are advised to take Tadalista approximately 1 hour before sexual intercourse. It is not recommended for children or adolescents below 18 years and females of any age.

How Much of Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil) To Be Used:

Adherence to doctor’s prescriptions and instructions is crucial. One tablet per day is the recommended dosage.

How To Take Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil):

Administer Tadalista 1 hour before or between 1 and 4 hours before intercourse, as directed by your doctor. Swallow the tablet whole with water/milk without chewing or crushing.

How Long Should You Continue Using Tadalista (Tadalafil):

Follow your doctor’s prescribed duration for Tadalista. Avoid continuous usage for an extended period without medical advice.


In case of suspected overdose symptoms such as a prolonged erection, blood pressure issues, etc., seek immediate medical assistance. Avoid sharing the tablet without proper knowledge and encourage others to consult a doctor for their health concerns.

Missed Dose:

Tadalista can be taken as needed before intercourse. If a dose is missed, skip it and avoid taking multiple doses to compensate.

Side Effects of Tadalista 20 Mg (Tadalafil):

Common side effects include

  • headache
  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • flushing
  • persistent cough
  • vision changes
  • hearing loss
  • prolonged and painful erection
  • dizziness
  • allergic skin reactions
  • difficulty in breathing and swallowing
  • swelling of the face, lips, eyelids, tongue, hands, and feet

Common Drug Interactions:

Tadalista 20 Mg may interact with various medicines and conditions. Always consult your doctor if you take vitamins, other drugs, or herbal supplements. Interactions include but are not limited to

  1. Amlodipine
  2. Carbamazepine
  3. Ketoconazole
  4. Phenytoin
  5. Nitroglycerin
  6. Cimetidine
  7. Riociguat

Warning and Precaution:

Exercise caution with Tadalista in conditions such as impaired liver/renal function, loss of vision or hearing, hypotension, heart disease, alcohol use, seizures/epilepsy, deformation of the penis, prolonged and painful erection, hypersensitivity/allergy, and in pregnant/breastfeeding women. Discuss dose adjustments with your doctor for optimal effects.

Things To Remember:

Tadalista aids in achieving and maintaining an erection but requires sexual stimulation. Keep it out of reach and sight of children, and consult your doctor for any doubts regarding dosage, time, and route of administration. Avoid using expired medicine and check the expiry date and relevant information on the leaflet/insert before consumption.


Stay under one Tadalista tablet daily; use it only when needed.


Store Tadalista at room temperature in a dark, clean, and dry place. Ensure tablets are intact and undamaged before purchase.


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